The Black Man Guide to Online Dating Sites

The black man’s guide to the top 10 online daing sites as well as black online dating sites, interracial online dating sites, and the top 10 free online daing sites.

The Basics:
There was a time not too long ago when if you wanted to talk to someone you had to go see them or call them on the home telephone. From cordless phones,The Black Man Guide to Online Dating Sites Articles to pagers and then to cell phones, our methods of communication have become less personal and more technological. Within the last 10 years the Internet has become the fastest growing form of communication, with social networking sites becoming the top rated sites on the Internet. Even these are changing quickly as the hot Black Planet and MySpace of 5 years ago have given way to the new frontrunners Facebook and Twitter. Today, so many people use the Internet to connect with each other that it seems very natural for people to use the Web to meet single people. Online dating sites have been around for awhile now but today these sites have become a primary vehicle for people to meet pen pals, dates or potential mates.

With this backdrop in mind, what about online dating for the black man? Should black men use these online dating sites or is this phenomenon reserved for others. Not to be too biased but as a black man I must say many of us have too much game to give way to a computer to find us a woman (or at least we think so). Whatever your opinion is on the validity or usefulness of online dating sites for black men the numbers say that men and women are flocking to online dating sites in droves.

According to 1 out of 5 relationships start from an online dating service encounter. has over 5 million black singles. If those 5 million black singles on eHarmony are all black women then that would be reason enough alone to join! Of course this is not the case as both single black men and single black women are flocking to eHarmony and other online dating sites for the same reasons everyone else is – it is simply a sign of the times.

So now that we can agree that online dating sites are a viable dating channel for single black men we now need to decide which ones to use. There are hundreds of dating sites on the Internet and even though they all have the same basic format there are differences between them. The following is a list of top 10 online dating sites. We use the term “top 10” very loosely as everybody has their own dating criteria and measurement for what makes a good site. Where the information was available we have presented the number of black singles on each site.

The remaining lists in this article focus on specialized, or niche online dating sites. If you are looking to focus specifically on single black women check out the list of top 5 black online dating sites. If you want to date online but don’t want to pay (you’re probably already in trouble) check out the list of top 10 free online dating sites. The final 2 online dating sites lists are for interracial dating and, for the brothers who want to go skip the meal and go straight to the dessert, adult online dating sites.

Top 10 Online Dating Websites

1. is probably the most recognized online dating service and has over a database of over 15 million members, with 2.8 million active users. Match allows you to run very customized searches based on your dating criteria, post up to 25 photos and check who has reviewed your profile. According to Match, each year approximately 400,000 people find love through their site. Match has 3 million black singles in their database and the fee is $18/month with a 6 mo membership.

2. launched in early 2006, and is backed by the team that built is built around a matchmaking system similar to eHarmony. Chemistry offers a guided four-step communication process to help guide you through the introduction phase.

3. eHarmony
eHarmony started in 2000 and was the first online dating service to offer a scientific approach to online dating. With 14 million members in their database, the eHarmony matchmaking service connects people using their 29 dimensions of compatibility program. As a matchmaking site users cannot search for singles so it can be considered a passive dating site (you have to wait for matches to be sent to you). Their database has over 5 Million Black Singles. The profile takes a long time to fill out, the average age of woman is 35, and the cost is $30.month with a 6 month membership. eHarmony is generally reserved for people looking for serious dating or a long-term relationship.

4. Zoosk
Zoosk is a very popular social dating website (especially with the younger crowd), with 50 million global members. Each month over 8 million singles login to the Zoosk facebook application. If you like he way you interact wih facebook or other social networking sites you will like Zoosk.

5. Lavalife
Lavalife provides three distinctive services to its 5 million registered members: Lavalife By Phone is a service where users can record a personal profile, and respond to other user’s voice profile. If you are both interested, you can continue the conversation on the phone. Lavalife Web is pretty similar to other major dating sites where you can post photo profiles, search members, and communicate with each other by messages with video capability. Lavalife Mobile is the third option where you can exchange information with other online singles through text messaging on your mobile phone. There are 3 million black singles in their daabase and the cost is $20/month with 6 month membership. You can also “pay as you go” using a credits model.

6. Perfect Match
PerfectMatch is one of the largest and fastest growing relationship sites. It combines matchmaking services via their Duet Total Compatibility System and standard searching based on your own criteria. PerfectMatch has dating advice categories for people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s as well as search categories by race and religion (ex: black singles). There are 4 million black singles in their database and the cost is $30/month with a 6 month membership.

7. Spark has a unique Color Code personality test to help you to control your own online dating experience. The Color Code helps you decide who to meet on the site, with Spark allowing you to perform your own searches as well as receive matches. When you become a site members you can post your profile, read, and respond to messages all for free. Spark also requires that all members post at least 1 photo. also offers free dating advice and safety tips. Takes a long time to setup your free profile to browse.

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Tips on Enjoying Successful Dating Experience Online

Have you decided to date online? If yes, then you can effortlessly find out lots of dating websites as well as dating apps to go with. Whether you are going to sign up for a dating site or download a dating app, you would always like to meet a real woman or man.

Have you decided to date online? If yes,Tips on Enjoying Successful Dating Experience Online Articles then you can effortlessly find out lots of dating websites as well as dating apps to go with. Since there are lots of dating platforms like coffee meets bagel review available online, you will surely love dating online. However, it is true that the internet has made dating easy and fast, but still, you need to be very conscious while sharing your details online with someone you meet. There could be fake profiles on various dating sites, thus, it is suggested to keep a few points in mind while dating online. Let’s check out stated below trending online dating tips that can help you enjoy a successful dating experience online.

What Exactly You Want Out of Online Dating?

Whether it is about choosing a service or product, you will always like to choose the right one that can blend with your specific requirements. The same rule can also be applied when it comes to dating on the internet. You aren’t supposed to choose a dating platform online that may not help you meet desired women or men. Instead, you would always like to visit at a dating portal that can help you browse through profiles of desired types of girls or women online for dating.

Keeping your specific requirements in mind can help you make your dating experience an unforgettable moment of your life. For instance, if you want to date with a Slavic girl, you need to sign up for a dating site like coffee meets bagel review that can help you exploring profiles of Slavic women online for dating. So, it can be concluded that if you want to make online dating journey a great experience of your life, you need to first evaluate your dating requirements. Without knowing your dating requirements and budget, you may not be able to make the right dating decision.

How to Recognize Fake Profiles on Dating Sites or Dating Apps

Whether you are going to sign up for a dating site or download a dating app, you would always like to meet a real woman or man. You aren’t supposed to date with a fake profile. But the problem is that most of the dating sites come incorporated with endless fake or flashy profiles of women. Obviously, you will never like to date a man hiding with fake details of a girl. Instead, you would like to visit at a dating app or dating site that can help you exploring profiles of real women online for dating. For this, you need to learn how to recognize fake profiles of women on dating sites.

There could be various ways to recognize a fake profile of a girl on a dating website, but the most important point is to choose the right dating site. For instance, if you go with a free flashy dating site for dating online, you aren’t supposed to find out genuine profiles of real women online for dating. Thus, you are suggested to first choose the right dating website such as Victoria secrets. Choosing the right dating site like coffee meets bagel review can help you unveiling a big collection of profiles of real women for dating on the internet.

Know the Importance of Completing Profiles on a Dating Site or Dating App

It is often seen that most of the individuals don’t take profiles on dating sites seriously. Thus, the profile incomplete information about their profiles. If you are also among those individuals, you need to stop practicing it. Instead, you should accept the fact that an incomplete profile on a dating site simply smells a fraud. Obviously, you will never like to make your profile looks flashy or fake. Thus, you are suggested to provide complete information about your profile online.

Apart from that providing complete details about your personality can help potential women send you request. If you don’t provide adequate information on your dating profile, you aren’t supposed to receive a positive response from women or men. Thus, if you are leaving your profile incomplete on dating websites or dating apps, you need to change this habit. You should start filling the required information on your dating profile.

Behave Decently

However, it is true that most of the individuals whether men or women sign up for a dating site to enjoy casual meet up or hook up, but it doesn’t mean that you should forget decency. You aren’t supposed to send vulgar messages to anyone on the dating site. Instead, you should be very polite while sending interests to your female counterparts. It is usually observed that most of the men simply get out of control. They start behaving on dating sites as though they are on an escort website. Obviously, this tendency should be changed if you want to enjoy trending online dating successfully.

Since women have to face such a situation usually, the bumble dating app has come with a unique feature that enables only women to send interest. This way, women can easily protect their profile from unwanted men. It is certainly a great feature that helps women prohibiting unwanted messages. So, if you want to make your dating journey an outstanding experience, you need to be very decent while sending interest to women for dating online.

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How To Choose The Dating Site That Meets Your Expectations?

Choosing a dating site depends on your family environment, place of living and your expectations and social needs. You have to analyze some important factors before finalizing your favorite dating site.

Dating is now, How To Choose The Dating Site That Meets Your Expectations? Articles not a hated word even in less developed countries. Online dating services take a prominent position in today’s fast phased lifestyle. The work load and other stress factors have a serious dent on the love relationship between the couples and the parents and children. For a lot of reasons many a people are left lonely. Even married people feel the loneliness because of the friction with their life partner. The lonely singles are looking for a true soul mate to share their feelings and to find some meaning to their life. The online dating services make their search comfortable by offering thousands of singles profiles. Matching the expectations of the online daters, the dating sites are also improving day by day. Now the famous dating sites have a vast geographical reach and offer features like live web-cam chatting. To attract more members they provide free basic membership and safe environment. Paid membership in almost all the dating sites are nominal and it is worth paid to avail more attractive features and considering the fact that you are going to search your perfect soul mate. How to choose the best dating site Choosing a dating site depends on your family environment, place of living and your expectations and needs.There are some top most online dating services. So it is better to join the free membership of 2 or 3 internet dating sites and over the period figure out the suitable dating website that matches your expectation. It is advisable to become a paid member of the chosen dating site as you can’t get to your perfect match in a half-hearted approach. The search for a perfect match varies from person to person, each expecting some particular qualities from the would be soul mate. The online search for dating is mostly for singles, who cares to share the intimate feelings, love and friendship. A good volume of search is for more romantic love and the search targets beautiful girls, iron men and hot women. The emotional persons are looking for a caring soul mate to pursue their marriage proposal. The dating site you choose, should serve your purpose giving you peace of mind apart from friendship, love and romance. Ethnic Dating The globalization has created a multi-lingual and multi-racial population in each and every country around the world. Different ethnic groups practicing different cultures form a considerable percentage of the total population in almost all of the developed countries around the world. Just searching for a soul mate in your migrated country won’t serve your purpose and ultimately the relationship may end in strain because of your poor understanding of the native culture. Getting a dating mate from your own ethnic group will give you a long lasting and peaceful relationship. As each ethnic group forms a sizable percentage, searching for your perfect match from within the community is not a difficult task. To serve the expectations of the migrated population many online dating sites have established ethnic oriented dating sites. Getting a dating mate within your group will help you to socialize yourself in the new environment, before getting accustomed to the new culture. It avoids unnecessary friction and misunderstanding in your dating relationship. Being in an alien country all of a sudden, you would feel the isolation and it would take some years before integrating with the local population. For all that years you can’t be alone and the ethnic dating sites will solve your problem of finding your soul mate from among your own culture. There are dating sites for Asians, Black Americans, Germans, French, Chinese, Indians and so on. Religious Dating Religion also plays an important role in breaking relationship. People during their dating relationship won’t think too much about the practical life. If the dating relationship is just for fun and romance it’s ok, but if it is for serious love, then the dating partners should have a matured mind to end up in a peaceful married life. Many online daters who have their dating relationship with someone from a different religion are haunted by the disapproval of their family members. Though you have every right to choose your life partner, the disapproval of someone you love will have its own problems. If you are of an emotional type and do not want to risk your relationship at home, then religious dating is advisable. The online religious dating sites host thousands and thousands of singles profiles from each religion. If you are not bold enough to face the challenges, you better opt for the religious dating, as it will give you the peace of mind you need. On the positive side, it will be highly rewarding to have your soul mate from the same belief and culture. You can avoid being left in an isolated world of you two only, rejected by both the communities of yourself and your life partner. You both can mingle with the local community freely, if both of you belongs to the same spiritual belief. There are dating sites for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus. Exclusive Dating The bold, not so serious and fun loving people are looking for different sources to find out their dating partner. They are bored by the traditional dating site and they are not willing to bind themselves into a frame of rules. They need friendship, love and romance and not serious enough to attach any long lasting value to the dating relationship. But they expect some qualities before making a relationship. To serve their appetite, there are exclusive dating sites like adult dating, BDSM, gay and lesbian dating. Those who are conservative can safely keep away from exclusive adult dating sites. Not all exclusive dating sites are adult oriented. There are some exclusive dating sites to serve some specific purposes. The millionaire mate dating site is a best example of this kind. Those who harbor a desire to marry a millionaire guy or those who want to marry a millionaire lady can avail the service of such dating site. Some other dating sites in this category are Senior Friend Finder and Slim Dating site to interact with fitness savvy people. Author Information : As there are exclusive dating sites for ethnic and religious dating, it doesn’t mean that having a dating relationship wit

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